Speaking Correction Service

English Speaking Correction Service for test preparation

If you’ve completed a set of CELPIP, IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or CAEL responses and would you like to know roughly what they would score in the speaking test and what you need to work on, send them to us and let our professional teacher check them. Angela will give you lots of feedback and constructive suggestions to help you achieve your score.

Did you know that you can submit your speaking tasks to our speaking correction service and get the help you need before you take your test.

Submit your speaking tasks, and I’ll provide you with corrections and constructive feedback so that you what you need to work on before your test. For each set of responses I correct, I’ll also provide a worksheet, or what some of my students call ‘cheat sheets’, to help you improve your response in one of your weakest areas.

Speaking Topics for:

Sample Answers for:

Private Classes – Speaking Tutor

After you get your corrections, you may decide you need a few classes to help you improve your speaking before your test. I’m sure we can arrange something, so give me a call: 613-614-6460, or email me: angela@ottawa-english.com, and let’s talk.

I can help you improve your score in the speaking section of CELPIP, IELTS, TOEFL, CAEL, PTE, OET, and public Works tests.

These classes include some review of grammar, pronunciation, sentence structure etc. , depending on the errors that may be preventing you from achieving the score you need.

Speaking Test Practice

Are you feeling nervous about the speaking portion of your upcoming test?

Speaking test practice is all about building building your confidence before your test.

Often, before your test, you’ll find that you dwell on specific things. That can create hurdles and barriers in your mind, and these can prevent you from delivering your best English in the test. For example, some students think that not knowing a word in the question will make them freeze and fail their test.

In these practice sessions, we’ll tackle those barriers and put them in perspective so that they don’t stop you from doing your very best in the test.

Typically, these practice sessions only include a minimum amount of review.

Some students book these practice sessions right before they go into their test so that everything is fresh in their minds when they start speaking to the examiner.

Cost of Speaking test practice

One Practice session costs $25/hour.

You can take a maximum of 2 speaking practice classes per week.

Free Conversation Classes

Our free conversation classes meet weekly. We group students by ability and talk about a different topic every time we meet.

Join us and have some fun while you practice speaking and grow your vocabulary!

Prices and Packages for English Speaking Correction Service

24-hour service on business days

1 set of speaking tasks

CAD $40

One set of speaking tasks

Up to 15 minutes of recording time.
15 minutes in total

If you’re speaking in response to a question, please include the question.

5 sets of speaking tasks

CAD $180

Five sets of speaking tasks.

Up to 75 minutes of recording time.
75 minutes in total

If you’re speaking in response to a question, please include the question.

10 sets of speaking tasks

CAD $ 340

Ten sets of speaking tasks.

Up to 150 minutes of recording time.
150 minutes in total

If you’re speaking in response to a question, please include the question.

How to submit your Speaking

  1. Choose your package
  2. Use the link to make your payment
  3. Record your response
  4. Email your response to angela@ottawa-english.com

What it includes

  • your score
  • feedback on your writing errors.
  • study materials that target your weaknesses
  • practice materials to help you fix problem areas
  • improvement suggestions
  • corrections, comments, and concerns
  • suggestions for how to achieve your desired score

What to submit

You can submit anything you’ve recorded including:

  • CELPIP Speaking Tasks
  • PTE Speaking Tasks
  • IELTS Speaking Tasks
  • CAEL Speaking Tasks
  • TOEFL Speaking Tasks.