General English Courses for Language Improvement

General English Courses

We offer Online English Courses at three levels:
Beginner Level (CLB 1-4)
Intermediate Level (CLB 5-8)
Advanced Level (CLB 9-12)

Our general English courses are also available as tailored courses for the oil & gas industry, healthcare industry, hospitality industry, aviation industry, and agricultural industry.


There are four levels of English for beginners. These beginner level (CLB 1-4) classes are for students who are hearing English for the first time and finding it difficult to understand and communicate about everyday situations.

Students progress through four courses. Each English course is 40 hours.

By the end of these four courses, students have a basic vocabulary and can understand simple conversations in the present and past. Those conversations tend to be about activities like going shopping, arranging accommodation, and making appointments.

Because these English courses are one-on-one, students are able to progress at their own speed. Course fees are adjusted for students who do not need the full 40 hours to complete the course.

English Courses for Beginners

Level 1: During the level 1 English course, students learn to use the present continuous tense to describe pictures and activities. The focus is on speaking, understanding, and pronunciation. Most students complete this level within 40 hours.

Level 2: The level 2 English course introduces the simple present and past tenses as students describe routine daily activities. The focus is primarily on speaking, understanding and pronunciation. There is also some reading and writing.

Level 3: In level 3, students get comfortable with the past continuous tense and spend more time writing about past activities and experiences.

Level 4: During level 4, students get work on the future tenses as they continue to expand their conversation, reading, and writing skills.


The intermediate level (CLB 5-8) is for immigrants and international students who have completed the beginner level. Often, these students understand and speak well about daily situations but get lost when the dialogue shifts from the present into the past or future.

Students progress through four courses. Each course builds vocabulary and familiarizes them with common expressions and phrases. Each course is 40 hours.

By the end of these four courses, students have a strong vocabulary and can follow and participate in conversations as they shift through time. As they finish these English courses, they’re at the early stages of recognizing and using a variety of sentence structures.

Save Money by Moving Faster!

Because these Online English courses are one-on-one, students can progress at their own speed. Eager students who do a lot of homework often complete the courses in less than 40 hours.

We won’t hold you back! We’ll even adjust our fees for students who do not need the full 40 hours to complete the course!

English Courses for Intermediate

Level 5: The online English courses at level 5 start with a review of the basic tenses before introducing the present perfect.

Level 6: During level 6 start students practice time shifts from the present into the past and future. They continue to build their vocabulary, reading, and writing with topic-based lessons that include common phrases, idioms, and verbal phrases.

Level 7: Students in the level 7 English courses begin to recognize and use a range of complex and compound sentences as they describe actions and events that move through time.

Level 8: Level 8 focuses on accuracy. Students get plenty of time to practice speaking, but face constant reminders for missing agreements & articles, and tense inaccuracies with verbs, adjectives and nouns.


The advanced level (CLB 9-12) is for immigrants and international students who need the credibility that comes with accurate and efficient English. Often, they need this level of English for professional reasons or because they are considering further education at universities and colleges.

Students progress through four courses. Each course builds vocabulary and familiarizes them with common expressions and phrases. Each course is 40 hours.

By the end of these four courses, students can communicate efficiently and credibly with other professionals.

It’s easier to study when the material is interesting!

Because our online English Courses are one-on-one, we’re able to tailor our materials to the interests of each students. While some students are interested in nothing but accounting, others have a passion for travel. When you sign up with us, we’ll make sure we use materials that make your learning as easy as possible.

English Courses for Advanced

Level 9: At level 9, the emphasis in our online English courses turns to sentence variety. Students learn to recognize and use a range of sentence types as they describe activities that move through time.

Level 10: During level 10, the emphasis of our online English courses is on sequencing events in the past and future as we continue to build sentence variety through discussions, readings, lectures and essays about about a range of topics.

English Professionalization

Level 11 & 12: At these levels, students tend to be very fluent but have little bad habits that impact their professional credibility. Just imagine how unimpressed and insecure you’d feel if your doctor, in your own country, made language mistakes! You’d wonder if he was about to make a mistake in your prescription! Right? In these two levels, we tackle all those pesky bad habits while speaking, writing, reading, and listening to topic based materials of interest to you.

Class Format

At Ottawa English, we teach all of our English Courses online using zoom.

Classes are two-hours long and take place twice a week.

Typically, classes are one-on-one, but occasionally we form groups of 3-5 students. Before we form a group, we make sure that everyone is working at the same level.

How do I Register

Call, text, or email Angela 613-614-6460.

During our call, we’ll talk about your level, your goals, and your availability.

What is included?

Each level includes:

40 hours of contact time with me

All materials

Homework correction

What is not included

Although these English courses help immigrants and international students to achieve a high standard of English, they do not include preparation for CELPIP, IELTS Academic, IELTS General, or CAEL

What is expected?

We expect you to:

  1. Review the video after class. (We make a video of each class and post it on the private page of our Ottawa English website. We provide each student with a link to the video after each class.)
  2. Complete your homework.
  3. Have access to a computer or laptop during the class.

Paying for Your Classes

Each level of 40 hours is CAD $1500.

You can complete your payment using e-transfer, credit card, or Paypal.

Refund Policy

We understand that sometimes life gets in the way, so we make some allowances.

20% of your payment is non-refundable

If you start a program and decide to stop, we charge $45 for each completed class and refund the balance.

If you miss a class, you do not get a refund for that class.