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Beginner English classes

In our one-on-one General English classes for beginners, you’ll learn lots of vocabulary along with your basic tenses. You’ll work with your English tutor to understand simple conversations about daily activities like going shopping, arranging accommodation, and making appointments.

Intermediate English classes

At the intermediate level of General English classes, you’ll still work one-on-one with your tutor, but now you’ll focus on improving your vocabulary, learning more advanced tenses, and building complex sentences. You’ll get lots of practice following and participating in conversations as they shift through time. Your English tutor will introduce you to a variety of sentence structures so that you can say the same thing in several different ways.

Advanced English classes

In our one-on-one General English classes for advanced students, you’ll focus on language efficiency and vocabulary with your English tutor. Ultimately, you’ll be able to function easily in an academic setting and communicate efficiently and credibly with other professionals.

Test Preparation

Common Problem Areas That Reduce Your Score

Common problem areas that quickly reduce your score include:

  • missing verbs – especially with tenses that combine an auxiliary verb with a participle
  • missing agreements – particularly the ‘d’ in the past tense
  • missing plurals – that’s the ‘s’ that you have to add to plural nouns
  • missing articles – they’re important!
  • inadequate sentence variety – examiners love BIG FAT juicy nouns
  • inadequate language efficiency
  • incorrect punctuation – it’s essential!
  • too many conjunctive adverbs – yes, you can have too many!
  • too few complex sentences – most writing and speaking needs more of them
  • too few referents – examiners hate repetition
  • confused adjectives when describing feelings and situations – you simply have to get those right
  • confusion over when to use a gerund or an infinitive – it matters!

Your one-on-one classes with your Ottawa English tutor will target these and other problem areas to quickly get you the score you need to achieve.

IELTS Test Preparation

Beat your IELTS test with a little boost to your writing and speaking score. IELTS, like all language tests, assesses your ability to express yourself and function in English by looking at your reading, listening, writing and speaking. For each level, there are certain structures you need to be able to understand and manipulate. In these classes, we’ll review what those structures are and practice using them in your writing and speaking.

CELPIP Test Preparation

Improve your CELPIP writing and speaking and get the score you need. CELPIP is a 3-hour English test that assesses how well function in English. There are four sections – a reading section, a listening section, a writing section, and a speaking section. Depending on how well you understand and express yourself, CELPIP will give you a score between M and 12. In these classes, your English tutor will assess your English and make sure you can understand and express yourself at the level you need to achieve.

CAEL Test Preparation

Crack your CAEL test with a little help in the writing and speaking sections. The CAEL test gives you very little preparation time to digest, prepare, and deliver your spoken and written responses. On top of that, there’s quite a big gap between answering questions about the reading or listening passages and speaking or writing about them. In your classes with an English tutor, we’ll look at some of the techniques you can use to speed up your preparation so that you’re ready to deliver your response.

TOEFL Test Preparation

Boost your TOEFL score and start moving forwards with all your plans. The TOEFL test is a 2-hour English test that checks how well you function in English in an academic setting. TOEFL test scores are accepted by most Canadian Universities and, like all English language tests, assess your ability in reading, writing, speaking and listening .

PTE Test Preparation

Raise your PTE writing and speaking score with a little more practice. The 2-hour PTE test will be recognized by Canadian immigration by the end of 2023. The test assesses your English in four language skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening. Your classes at Ottawa English help you to prepare for the test, familiarize you with it, and learn some techniques to get you the score you need.

OET Test Preparation

Boost your OET score with a little targeted practice in the writing and speaking sections. The OET test is primarily intended to assess the English of healthcare professionals. During your classes at Ottawa, we’ll work on writing reports and referrals from case notes and, most importantly, building the language skill that give you credibility in various workplace situations.

Public Works Test Preparation

Get the practice you need to sail through your public works language test and secure a brighter future. During your classes at Ottawa English, we’ll practice describing, summarizing and speaking about a range of workplace situations. By the time you get to your test, your examiner will be convinced that your answer choices reflect your strong ability to express yourself about informal and formal work-related situations both coherently and with very few errors.

Conversation Classes

At Ottawa English, we know just how difficult it can be to find someone to practice your English with. Even when you do find someone, they’re often more interested in talking and, moreover, if they do correct you, they can’t explain your mistake. In short, that’s why we’ve started these English conversation Practice classes.

While finding a conversation partner can be tricky, having the confidence to start talking can be even worse. When you take these classes, you’ll have a reliable time-slot every week when you know you’ll be able to talk. You’ll also have lots of preparation materials so that you can come with ideas and practice expressing them before you even get to class.

English Professionalization Classes

Gain credibility in your workplace with English Professionalization Classes. At Ottawa English, our one-on-one English professionalization program works with individual employees to rapidly improve their language skills and credibility with clients and peers. Typically, our students are professionals in their own countries; however, they lack the language skills necessary to communicating their knowledge and capabilities in English.

Writing Correction

Get feedback and corrections on your writing. Ottawa English offers a 24-hour writing correction service so that you can get immediate feedback on your writing while it’s still fresh in your mind. As a result, you’ll know your problem areas and, most importantly, be able to fix them before the test.

Speaking Correction

Get feedback and corrections on your speaking. Ottawa English offers a 24-hour speaking correction service so that you can get immediate feedback on your spoken responses while they’re still fresh in your mind. Usually, when you’re looking for a higher score, that feedback helps you find and fix your mistakes.

Editing & Proofreading

Editing & Proofreading for most writing. For example, Test preparation responses, emails, CVs, resumes, university applications, job applications, stories, books, letters, etc.


English Tutor – General English Programs

Beginner, Intermediate,
& Advanced English
$1500/40 hours

English Professionalization
$2000/40 hours

Conversation Classes
$360/10-hour package

Test Preparation
& Public Works

$280/6-hour package
$520/10-hour package
$900/20-hour package

Crash Course

$100/2-hour class

Writing Correction


$110/5-task package

Speaking Correction

$40/8-question set


1 business day
$15/300 words
3 business days
$10/300 words


1 business day
$18/300 words
3 business days
$13/300 words

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