Editing and Proofreading

My editing and proofreading service are for you if you’ve written something and want it checked before you publish it. Editing and proofreading are a little different. editing involves the big structural things that can make reading really difficult, whereas proofreading involves fixing the little errors that make your writing look sloppy.

In other words, if you ask for editing, I check to see that your writing flows smoothly and your points come across clearly without any repetition. That service includes checking for grammar, punctuation and typographical errors.

However, if you ask for proofreading, I check for those little issues, like repeated words and missing commas, that might affect your credibility in your readers’ eyes.

If you’re unsure whether you need editing or proofreading services, please send me a sample of your writing, and I’ll let you know.

I provide firm quotes for each project, although pricing does vary depending on how quickly you need the job done. For example, if you want my same day service, it’ll cost you more than my 3-day service. Please check my editing and proofreading rates in the chart at the bottom of the page.

For more information, or to discuss your project, please contact me via email: angel@ottawa-english.com, or call me: 613-614-6460

What my editing and proofreading services include:


Editing involves structural interventions to your writing. It includes things like reordering blocks of text, adding headings, and sometimes, removing text to add clarity.

I check to see that you’ve:

  • said everything you need to say in a consistent tone
  • supported your points with enough evidence
  • included a strong thesis statement, clear format and logical flow
  • limited yourself to one idea in each paragraph
  • not made any grammatical, punctuation, or typographical errors


Proofreading involves carefully reviewing your writing and giving it a final quality check before you publish.

I check for:

  • sentence fragments
  • sentence structure and variety
  • run-on sentences
  • missing commas and apostrophes
  • spelling errors and agreements
  • repeated words
  • incomplete parallels
  • omitted words and spacing
  • format and typographical errors

What I’ll work on

You can pretty much submit anything you’ve written including:

  • resumes
  • personal statements
  • letters and emails
  • presentations
  • brochures
  • applications
  • stories
  • books
  • articles
  • academic papers
  • magazine articles
  • website content
  • blog content

Prices for editing and proofreading

Express25 Pages$22/page$20/page
Next Business Day30 Pages$18/page$15/page
3 Business Days90 Pages$13/page$10/page

A page is defined as 300 words