CELPIP Writing Topics – Task 1 and Task 2. Practice writing uncomfortable essays!

CELPIP Writing Topics

The CELPIP writing section is completed on a computer. You will be asked to write two essays.

The first CELPIP writing task is an email. On this page you’ll find some CELPIP Writing Topics to practice on.

The second CELPIP writing task requires you to express your opinion about something. There are topics for that here too.

CELPIP Writing – Email

The email may be formal, semi-formal or informal.

The question tells you exactly what to write about. You must write something about each specific point. If you only write about 2 out of 3 points, your maximum score will be 66%!

Use the titles below to practice writing an email.

When your email is finished, send it to me. I will tell you what to improve before your test.

“…every class is so interesting…”

Ade S.

CELPIP Writing – Opinion

The second CELPIP Writing topic is an essay expressing your opinion about something. This essay often takes the form of a survey response.

Your essay must have a clear structure and a variety of sentence structures. You must include:

* An introduction that puts the reader in the head space.
* An overview that identifies your main points.
* A paragraph for each of your main points.
* A conclusion.

Use the CELPIP writing topics below to practice expressing your opinion.

When your letter is finished, send it to me. I will tell you what to improve before your test.

Get ready to write

When you take your CELPIP test, your examiner will check your tenses for accuracy.

Our One-a-Day series of workbooks will help you review and practice your tenses to develop that accuracy and improve your vocabulary.

Review and Practice your Basic Tenses
Review and Practice your Perfect Tenses

CELPIP Writing Topics – Email

1. A member of your family is thinking about going to university.

Write an email to your family member explaining why some people go to university, why some prefer universities far from home, and which courses you think would be interesting and/or useful.

2. A family member recently had a baby and is overwhelmed by parenting.

Write an email encouraging the young couple in their new parental role, explaining why you think that parents are the best teachers, and offering support (suggestions for organizations they could turn to, financial, babysitting, etc.)

3. You are an international student studying English at a private language school. Your courses were expensive and you are disappointed with the quality of instruction, materials, and the time keeping of the other students.

Write an email to the School Principal complaining about the situation and suggesting how you would like the issue to be resolved.

4. You recently stayed in a hotel where the service was slow and the room was dirty.

Write an email to the hotel manager complaining about the accommodation and suggesting how the issue might be resolved.

5. You have registered for a six-month computer training program at Sambro Community College. You want to rent a room from the Sambro Housing Agency.

Write an email telling them when you need the room, the type of room you would prefer, and the reason for your request.

CELPIP Writing Topics – Opinion

1. A company has announced that it wishes to build a large factory near your community.

Do you support or oppose the factory? Explain your position.

2. You are a volunteer at the local community theater group. You have been asked whether the group should spend its money on costumes or on storage.

3. Your company is considering whether or not to sponsor a float in the upcoming community parade. Your superiors have asked whether you support or oppose the investment.

4. You work in a very big office. There is a popular and cheap restaurant in the building. The boss is thinking of removing the restaurant and replacing it with a childcare facility and has asked whether you would prefer:

Option A: Replace the restaurant with a childcare facility
Option B: Keep the restaurant and let parents make childcare arrangements offsite.

5. The company you work for would like to ask employees to work on Saturdays for the next two months in order to catch up on its backlog. It has circulated a survey asking your opinion about two possible options.

Option A: Half the staff would work for four hours every Saturday.
Option B: All the staff would work for two hours every Saturday.

Submit your essay for Correction

When you are happy with your essay, paste it into the comments box below for free scoring. For a more extensive evaluation and feedback, please use our writing correction service – ($20/essay)

Writing Tutor

Take a few writing classes with a tutor and feel more confident about your writing.

Your CELPIP writing tutor can work with you on Skype or Zoom.

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9 thoughts on “CELPIP Writing Topics – Task 1 and Task 2. Practice writing uncomfortable essays!”

  1. Although, a child care facility in the office building is a welcome addition to many of my colleagues, with children . I would still prefer the existing restaurant, in the office space.

    Firstly, my team of 100 sits in the 25 th floor of the building. It takes 10 mins on average, for an employee to get to the ground floor by means of an elevator, during busy hours . Given the fact that our lunchbreaks are between 30-35 mins , it becomes a task in itself for someone to get to the bottom floor , find their vehicles that are parked in the parking lot, which is a good 5 mins walk from the office building , hence making it practically impossible for them to dine or take out food from a restaurant outside the campus.
    Secondly, only 25 percent of the employees have young children, or babies who will require a child care facility . Which is far less when compared to the 75 percent who depend on the restaurant for their meal .

    This is one of the main reasons, why the restaurant is popular and cheap , because it provides the convenience, through its location .

    In conclusion , I would like to see the restaurant stay and continue serving its patrons.

  2. Personally I don’t oppose the idea of a childcare facility, but having it substitute the restaurant is a harsh idea in my opinion.

    Firstly, 75% of our company employee are single and don’t have infants. I think majority won’t really care even if the company built a child
    care facility but they will certainly be despicable if something were to happen to the restaurant. As you know our office opens early in the
    morning and people hardly have any time on their hand to cook food, they all rely on the affordable and good quality delicacy offered by
    that very restaurant. Most of the company employee including my self gets breakfast and lunch from there.

    Secondly, out of remaining 25% only 7% actually prefer to leave their babies in a child care facilities and to further things up, the best child
    care facility in this town is located 2 blocks away from our office which I believe most will be the first choice of many parents due to its reputation.

    In overall conclusion, I believe the restaurant is an important part of the building and its should stay for the sole duty of serving its customer.

    1. Nice response, but your introduction and conclusion are weak, and some of your plurals need work. You would score 8

  3. A particular company has announced that they would like to build a large factory near our community. I think that this move would be very beneficial for our community.

    I support this move because constructing a huge factory will bring a lot to the community. The benefits can include various job opportunities, overall growth of our community, more financial support from the government and also use of so much waste-land in our community.

    People can benefit as they don’t have to travel far for work. They can simply work at the factory and be close to their homes at the same time. This will save so much time and money. This will also give a chance to the people to give back to the community by serving it.

    More employment will bring overall growth of the community and people would want to join our community, in turn making it larger and larger. This will also bring financial support from the government and will help strengthen the community overall.

    We have so much of open land which is barren and can’t be used for cultivation. So, building a factory over it will be an added advantage because this land can be finally put to some use.

    So in my conclusion, I support the move because in my honest opinion I do think that we all can benefit from it.

  4. Jaspreet Kaur Saini

    * Task Information

    – Internet In Schools Survey

    You live in a CELPIP TIP downtown there are some schools. Some of schools, using the internet in schools is getting more popular. Is this a positive or negative development?

    * Choose the option that you prefer in about Write about 150-200 words.

    – Option A: Positive Development
    – Option B: Negative Development

    In recent decades, as the nation has marched towards technological advancement, the internet has become increasingly popular. A chunk of society opines that incorporation of cyberspace or e-learning in schools curriculum is a destructive trend; however, I strongly believe that this is a positive development.
    As we are progressing toward the digital era, it is actually need of the hour to educate children about the internet and its usage. The significant advantages are accessibility and information that it offers. Furthermore, it bridges communication gaps. When messages and information are shared digitally, misplacing notes and assignment sheets will become a thing of the past.

    Although the internet provides myriad merits, there could be detrimental effects as well if internet usage among children is not properly supervised. While using the internet, students could be exposed to various forms of vulgarities such as Violence and Pornography. But with some proactive steps and monitoring by both parents and teachers, this problem can easily be curbed.

    Based on the above discussion, I still stand my stance and reckon that the internet will widen the knowledge horizon of students and provide assistance in this fast-paced world.

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