CELPIP Writing Samples: Learn how to use your structures well

CELPIP Writing Samples – Meeting the CELPIP Requirements for your desired level

The CELPIP Writing Samples below will give you an idea of some of the CELPIP requirements.

A lot of people taking the CELPIP test think that if they just take it enough times, they will eventually achieve their desired score. For most of them, that has proved to be a very expensive way to think.

Every CLB level (Canadian
Language Benchmark) has specific criteria that must be met in order to achieve that level. For example, test takers who use basic sentences, make mistakes in their tenses and punctuation, and don’t understand the formatting requirements of a paragraph can’t score more than 5 – even if they take the test 20 times!

It’s usually much cheaper, in the long term, to work with a tutor until your English is at the level
you need to achieve.

“…I just sent my PR application! 4 weeks ago I didn’t think this day would ever come…”

Heidi Q.

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CELPIP Writing Sample 1

This video provides a CELPIP Writing sample for writing a request email to a museum.

CELPIP Request Email Topics:

You work in a manufacturing unit where your coworkers have been harassing you. Write an email to the HR department of your company in about 150 to 200 words. Your email should describe:
– who harassed you and their relationship to you
– when each instance occurred – date, time, and location
– the evidence you have of the situation

You and your friends are planning to go to Dubai on vacation. You have to arrange hotel accommodation and need details about hotel rooms and other facilities before making a final decision.
150 – 200 words, write an email to the hotel managers. Your email should:
– request details about the hotel
– describe the type of room
– identify any special needs (i.e. smoking or non-smoking room) 

You are experiencing financial problems and want to ask your landlord if you can pay your rent late.
150 to 200 words, write an email to your insurance company explaining:
– why you are writing to him
– why you cannot pay the rent
– when you will pay the rent

CELPIP Complaint Email Topics

You recently ordered a book from an online bookseller. The book sent the book sent by him was not the latest edition, even though you paid extra for the latest edition version.
In about 150 to 200 words, write an email to the bookseller:
– complaining about the online site’s service
– explaining the urgency for the latest edition
– describing why the earlier edition is inadequate 

You recently visited a zoo where a man died after falling into the tigers’ enclosure. You were unable to do anything but wanted to show your concern for visitors’ safety.
In about 150 – 200 words write an email to the zoo’s director. Your email should do the following things:
– describe the incident
– complain about the short fencing
– show concern for visitors’ safety   

CELPIP Apology Email Topics

You work part-time as an Uber driver but forgot to pick up a customer that you had agreed to transport to the airport.
In about 150-200 words, write an apology to the client. Your email should:
– Apologize for not picking him up
– Explain why you didn’t pick him up
– Offer him a free ride

While shopping in the supermarket, you accidently hit a display with your shopping cart. The display fell onto an young child and hurt him.
In about 150-200 words, write an apology to the child’s mother Your email should:
– Apologize for hurting her child
– Explain what happened
– Express concern for the child’s welfare

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Task 2 CELPIP Writing Sample

This video provides you with more tips for How to prepare a CELPIP Writing Survey Response.


Your city’s administration is considering allocating funds to two possible projects. It has sent out an opinion survey to gauge residents’ preferences for bikes lanes or a pool. Indicate and explain your preference.

  • A: bike lanes – build new separate lanes for bikers
  • B: renovate gym – fund a swimming pool and spa centre in an existing gym


The management of your apartment building has decided to upgrade the security. It has sent out an opinion survey to see what residents would like to have as their new security measure.

  • A: New night vision cameras covering the area around the apartment building
  • B: installing biometric locks on the doors


You work in a company offering IT services. Your company is conducting a survey to understand employees’ work environment preferences.

  • A: give a salary hike to all the employees on the basis of experience
  • B: give a salary hike to all employees on the basis of educational qualification


A local NGO, working for the betterment of school children, has sent an opinion survey to see what people think about the presence of multimedia gadgets in kids lives.

  • A: kids should have no access to gadgets like smartphones or iPads etc.
  • B: kids should be encouraged to read books in their free time.


A local NGO for gender equality has sent out an opinion survey to know about the general public’s views on pay-equality and gender-specific job placement.
Respond to the survey offering your opinion about either option a or option b.

  • A: Women are capable of doing all jobs
  • B: Women are good in some jobs but not fit for all types of work


An independent agency is conducting a survey on immigration policy. It has sent out an opinion survey to gauge residents’ preferences for the government’s immigration policy.

  • A: lower the number of immigrants coming to our country
  • B: increase the number of immigrants coming to our country


Your government is proposing a new agricultural policy, but some organizations oppose it because they feel it is against local farmers. You’ve been asked to express your opinion.

  • A: import cheaper grains and vegetables from other countries
  • B: increase the amount of land under cultivation and support local farmers   

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6 thoughts on “CELPIP Writing Samples: Learn how to use your structures well”

  1. Your apartment building is getting old, and the owners of the building are planning to do some renovations this summer. They have decided to conduct a survey to see what the tenants would like to have improved this year. Which option would you prefer?
    Option A: New paint and carpets
    Option B: New elevator
    I would strongly prefer setting up a new elevator. Even though the other option of arranging new paint and carpets for the building is an appealing option, but option B would certainly outweigh the advantages.
    To commence with, replacing the old elevator with a new one would immensely help the older generation to move freely from one floor to another. If the elevator is not working properly, aged tenants are more likely to face difficulty while using stairs. Moreover, it would benefit other renters while reallocating, and shifting their stuffs without any hassle. It has been observed that when people were moving their heavy furniture through stairs; it has caused damage to the walls as well as the edges of the furniture also got broken.
    Another factor to be considered is that changing the elevator would be time saving for the working tenants while heading to their work locations. Since there is no requirement for painting the building, it would be better if the elevator is operational for every individual. Is it imperative to paint the building or to change old carpets, if it doesn’t have any practical benefits?
    Considering the elucidations outlined above, I firmly believe that option B seems to be the viable selection.

  2. Dear Hotel Manager,
    This is to inquire about the availability of accommodation at Sheraton Dubai Airport in June, this year. Any information, tips and suggestions that might boost our travelling experience would be greatly appreciated.
    I, along with two friends, will be coming down to Dubai to celebrate our college graduation during the summer holiday. Since we don’t intend to rent a car, we really emphasise the accessibility to public transportation, especially to the Millennium Mall and the airport. Knowing summer can be sultry, we appreciate it if you can provide us with information about surrounding restaurants, entertainment, exhibitions, and attractions.
    A small but decently furnished and well-ventilated suite would be quite enough for us. Ideally, we prefer a double-bed room with a futon sofa bed, bathroom attached. Additionally, bonus point if the room is on a higher floor with a city view.
    In particular, we are firm on a non-smoking room since I have asthma. A desirable room would be away from the elevator and ice machine, which could assure the quality of our sleep.
    If you can provide the above accommodation, please send me immediately your tariff rates for the full board so that I may order the reservation in your hotel.


  3. You recently visited a zoo where a man died after falling into the tigers’ enclosure. You were unable to do anything but wanted to show your concern for visitors’ safety.
    In about 150 – 200 words write an email to the zoo’s director. Your email should do the following things:
    – describe the incident (date, place, people involved; reason for the accident; what action)
    – complain about the short fencing(used the old standand, people are getting taller, added wild animal bigger in size)
    – show concern for visitors’ safety (climb over, easier to break) replace the fence and put a sign nearby and on the ticket)

    Dear Mr. Smith,

    The purpose of my writing today is to lodge a concern regarding the potential safety hazards at Assiniboine Park Zoo.

    I, along with my kids, paid a visit to your zoo on Louis Riel’s Day and witnessed a man climb and fall over the barrier while he was attempting to feed the tiger. Not only the fence just reached his shoulder’s height, but also the tip of the fence was rusted. The eyewitnesses raced to the security; unfortunately, moments later, the full-grown Bengali tiger has dragged him off by the neck.

    Since the zoo was initially designed to be a petting zoo, its fences and barriers were built to meet the standard of farm animals. Even though part of the zoo was converted as a rescue shelter for wild animals from Churchill, the safety measures were not reconstructed accordingly. Undoubtfully, what contributed to the accident is the short fence.

    It is imperative that safety measures, such as drills, should be undertaken to prevent throwing stones at animals, teasing animals and feeding them by public or visitors. Warning signs should be placed at a visible spot near wild animals and on the front of the ticket. Immediate action for enhanced emergency response is highly called for.

    I am looking forward to your prompt action.


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