CELPIP Essay Correction Service

Using our CELPIP Essay Correction Service

When you have completed your essays, you can send them to my CELPIP essay correction service for evaluation. I’ll provide my feedback within 24 hour on business days.

How to Submit Your Essay


  • choose your package
  • make your payment
  • paste your essay into an email to angela(at)ottawa-english(dot)com

Within 24 hours after you submit your essay, you will know your score and have lots of feedback on the mistakes you are making, and the things you need to do to get a better score.

When you use our Writing Correction Service for your CELPIP writing practice, you get lots of practice material to help you understand and fix the specific area of greatest concern. In other words, we’ll help you fix the thing that is having the greatest impact on your score.

Pricing & Packages for CELPIP Essay Correction Service

1 Task

CAD $20

One writing task for correction. You can send
One Task 1
One Task 2

This option does not include any combinations

Use any question, but please include it when you send your email.

5 Tasks

CAD $90

Five writing tasks for correction. You can send
five Task 1s
five Task 2s
any combination

Use any questions, but please include it when you send your email.

10 Tasks

CAD $ 170

Ten writing tasks for correction. You can send
ten Task 1s
ten Task 2s
any combination

Use any questions, but please include it when you send your email.

15 Tasks

CAD $ 240

Fifteen writing tasks for correction. You can send
fifteen Task 1s
fifteen Task 2s
any combination

Use any questions, but please include it when you send your email.

20 Tasks

CAD $300

Twenty writing tasks for correction. You can send
twenty Task 1s
twenty Task 2s
any combination

Use any question, but please include it when you send your email.

Please note that all payments are processed through our parent company Chinook Solutions

Content and Coherence:Number & Quality of ideas
Organization of ideas
Examples and supporting details
Vocabulary:Word choice
Appropriate words/phrases
Range of words/phrases
Precision and accuracy
Readability:Format and paragraphing
Connectors and transitions
Grammar & sentence structure
Spelling and punctuation
Task Fulfillment:Relevance & Completeness
Tone & Word count
CELPIP Rubric: Writing Requirements

What does the feedback include?

The feedback from our CELPIP essay correction service includes comments, corrections, and concerns along with practice materials that target one important problem.

Can I get a free CELPIP Writing Evaluation?

If you just want a score, you can paste your letter into the comments section at the bottom of this page.

What do examiners look for?

When CELPIP examiners correct your essays, they look for coherence & organization, vocabulary & language efficiency, cohesion & grammar, and punctuation & completeness – so that’s what the CELPIP Essay correction service looks for too.

Your response should be complete! In other words, when you send your essay to my essay correction service, I shouldn’t need to look at the question to know what your essay is about; however, it’s worth including the writing prompt so that I can make sure that you’ve covered all the components.

What is Coherence & Organization?

Coherence is the way that your writing forms a clean, neatly wrapped package. It has a strong introduction, paragraphs with developed topic statements, and a conclusion.

Organization is the way you lead your reader through your ideas developing your statements with details and examples.

What is Cohesion & Grammar?

Cohesion is the way you use cohesive devices to glue your ideas together. It’s the way you show the relationship between your ideas. Obviously, there are many ways to do that, but the most common are problem areas are word order, reductions, conjunctions, etc.

Grammar includes your tenses, agreements, word order, conditionals, reductions, and article accuracy. These are all things that make your writing easy to read.

What is Vocabulary & Language Efficiency?

Vocabulary is the range of words, synonyms, phrases and collocations that you use to express yourself.

Language efficiency is the way you combine words to express yourself concisely.

What is Punctuation & Completeness?

As they complete their CELPIP essay correction, examiners look at your punctuation and the completeness of what you’ve written.

Punctuation is the length of the pause you want your readers to take in order to maximize their understanding of your writing.

Completeness is the attention you give to each part of the question.

CELPIP Essay Correction Service

If you would like to submit more than one essay, or would like more feedback on what you have written, please choose one of the packages at the top of the page and submit it to our CELPIP Essay Correction Service.

Please call/text me, Angela,
for more info about tutoring.

If you would like a free CELPIP evaluation for one of your written tasks, please paste it into the comments box below. I will check it and provide a score.  Your free evaluation will only give you a score!

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        1. You’re very welcome. You should feel very confident about writing generally, it’s just that you need a few extras for the examiners.

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