CELPIP Writing Samples: Learn how to use your structures well

CELPIP Writing Samples – Meeting the CELPIP Requirements for your desired level

The CELPIP Writing Samples below will give you an idea of some of the CELPIP requirements.

A lot of people taking the CELPIP test think that if they just take it enough times, they will eventually achieve their desired score. For most of them, that has proved to be a very expensive way to think.

Every CLB level (Canadian Language Benchmark) has specific criteria that must be met in order to achieve that level. For example, test takers who use basic sentences, make mistakes in their tenses and punctuation, and don’t understand the formatting requirements of a paragraph can’t score more than 5 – even if they take the test 20 times!

It’s usually much cheaper, in the long term, to work with a tutor or join us for workshops until your English is at the level you need to achieve.

CELPIP Writing Sample 1

This video provides a CELPIP Writing sample for writing an email to a museum.

“…I just sent my PR application! 4 weeks ago I didn’t think this day would ever come…”  

Heidi Q.

Sending CELPIP Writing Samples for Correction

After you’ve taken a look at the videos below, you may want to send us a task for correction.

We provide a CLB- based score along with feedback and practice material. Our goal is to help you strengthen the weaknesses that are preventing you from achieving the score you need.

We also offer a several online writing workshops focused on common problem areas.

For more information about our services, please contact us or call /text 613-614-6460

CELPIP Writing Sample 2

This video provides a CELPIP Writing sample for writing a formal email to a bank.

CELPIP Writing Sample 3

This video provides a CELPIP Writing sample for writing an informal email to a frieind.


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