Improve Grammar with One-A-Day: Review & Practice Your Basic Tenses

Improve Grammar by Practicing Basic Tenses

Goal – To improve grammar, vocabulary, and phrases!

This intermediate level book contains two short stories for each basic tense. For each tense, there are two tense-specific stories and two combined tense stories. So, in part one, that focuses on the present tense, there are two stories that use only the present simple, two stories that use the present continuous, two that use the present simple passive, and two that use the present continuous passive. Once you’ve completed all of those, there are two more stories that combine all four present tenses.

Improve Grammar, Vocabulary, and phrases
Improve Grammar, Vocabulary, and Phrases

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For each exercise you:

  • read a complete text for meaning
  • re-read the text, but this time, underline the basic structure in the complete text
  • move on to the gap-fill exercise and fill in the gaps with the appropriate basic tense structure
  • check your basic tense structure against your underlined structure in the complete text.

In Part 1,
You Review
The Present:

  • simple
  • continuous
  • simple passive
  • continuous passive

In Part 2,
You Review
The Past:

  • simple
  • continuous
  • Simple passive
  • Continuous passive

In Part 3,
You Review
The Future:

  • simple
  • continuous
  • passive

The students at Ottawa English have been using this one-a-day workbook to improve grammar and tense accuracy for many years. Improving their tense accuracy has helped them achieve a high score in:

  • CELPIP Writing & Speaking
  • IELTS Writing & Speaking
  • CAEL Writing & Speaking

This book will also help you learn vocabulary related to: transportation, everyday situations, food, education, entertainment, recreation, shopping, people, places, art, clothes, computers, etc.

For even more tense practice, please take a look at the silent tense boards on my YouTube Channel

Tips for learning vocabulary, phrases & spelling

As you work through the book, you’ll spot los of new vocabulary and phrases that may well come in very handy if you’re preparing for a language test. Make sure you note down any new words and phases and learn them. One really good way to learn new words and phrases is to take them for a walk and use them to describe everything you see, smell, hear, feel, and taste.

Another way to learn new words and phrases is to use ‘Tick 8’. This method also helps you with spelling. This technique involves writing down the word or phrase you want to perfect and then checking it meaning and spelling every day until you can tick 8 squares in a row.

The book includes ‘tick 8’ pages, but if you’d like to give the method a go, you can download a practice sheet here.

Try this simple ‘Tick 8’ approach to memorizing new words, phrases and spelling.