CELPIP Speaking Practice Book

CELPIP Speaking Practice Book
One-a-Day: 30 Speaking Practice Tests

This book contains 30 full practice tests with questions similar to those on the test. Each test has 8 questions:

* Provide advice
* Talk about a personal experience
* Describe a picture
* Predict events
* Be persuasive
* Deal with a difficult situation
* Provide an opinion
* Describe an unusual situation

We developed our CELPIP Speaking Practice Book to give our students lots of practice responding to the eight questions in the speaking section of the CELPIP test.

This book will help you develop your responses to the questions and will help you improve your vocabulary before the test.

The Topics in the CELPIP Speaking Practice Book include: transportation, everyday situations, government responsibilities, food, education, entertainment, recreation, shopping, people, places, art, clothes, computers, etc.

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CELPIP Study Materials

If you’re concerned about your CELPIP test and are looking for CELPIP study materials to improve your English before the test, you’ve come to the right place.

Our tutors, CELPIP study materials, writing correction, and speaking correction services can help you achieve your desired score.

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Our CELPIP Study Materials include:

Our  CELPIP study materials include 3 workbooks that will help you improve your tense accuracy and practice your speaking before your test.

* 30 Speaking practice tests
* Basic tense practice
* Perfect Tense practice

We also offer:

Writing Correction
Speaking Correction