Writing Correction Service

Did you know that you can submit your written task to our writing correction service and get the help you need before you take your test.

If you’ve written a CELPIP, IELTS, TOEFL, or CAEL essay and would you like to know roughly what your essay would score and what you need to work on, send it to us and let our professional teacher check it. Angela will give you lots of feedback and constructive suggestions to help you achieve your score.

Writing Correction Service

Cost: $20.00

Time: 24 hours on business days (Monday-Friday)


  • your score
  • feedback on your writing errors.
  • study materials that target your weaknesses
  • practice materials to help you fix problem areas
  • improvement suggestions
  • corrections, comments, and concerns
  • suggestions for how to achieve your desired score

How to submit your Essay to our Writing Correction Service

  1. Use the link below to make your payment
  2. Email your response to angela@ottawa-english.com

Which writing task can I submit?

You can submit 1 writing task.

  • CELPIP writing response for task 1
  • CELPIP writing response for task 2
  • IELTS General writing task 1
  • IELTS General Writing task 2
  • IELTS Academic writing task 1
  • IELTS Academic writing task 2
  • CAEL long writing task
  • CAEL short writing task
  • TOEFL integrated writing task
  • TOEFL independent writing task
Use our writing correction service to discover your problem areas before your test.