How to Write an IELTS Opinion Essay

IELTS Writing Task 2 – Opinion Essay

The IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample on this page will give you some ideas about the important things to include when you write your test.

Your examiner will be looking at your grammar, vocabulary, phrasing, sentence variety, punctuation, and tenses

IELTS Writing Tips

Blend short, compound and complex sentences.

Use parallels appropriately.
Lists and series should always follow a parallel form

Punctuate accurately.

Check agreements.
The third person in the simple present tense, and most plural nouns need an ‘s’

Use adverbs and adjective properly.
Adjectives describe a state.
Adverbs describe how something is done.

Present a coherent response.
Make sure your essay follows the
standard essay structure.

Present a cohesive response.
Glue your words and sentences together so that they flow.

Know your problem areas
Get a sample of your writing checked so that you know which errors will result in a bad score and how to fix them.

Take some classes
Take some specific grammar, punctuation, or tense classes to increase your accuracy.

Work with a tutor
As your tutor for IELTS General or IELTS Academic, I’ll help you understand and work on the most critical areas required for your score.

A Typical IELTS Writing Opinion Prompt

A typical IELTS Opinion prompt looks like this:

“Governments should impose a higher tax on fast food because of the increasing health issues associated with it.”

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

IELTS Opinion Essay Sample

All over the world, there is a tendency to blame the fast food industry for the health issues and eating habits of local populations. Diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and respiratory issues can all be traced back to diet and lifestyle choices. I tend to agree with the concept of placing higher taxes on these foods as this would increase the money available to treat people who determinedly eat fast food while at the same time encouraging others to choose healthier alternatives.

Unfortunately, for many people, convenience often overrules cost when dinner time approaches. Faced with the prospect of dirtying the kitchen to prepare a meal and then dealing with all those dishes, it is easy to understand why someone would stop at a fast food joint to pick up a no-mess supper. Since that convenience puts a huge burden on already over-stretched health systems, diverting a special tax to the medical infrastructure would help to ensure health-care coverage when illness eventually takes hold.

For others, who may be a little more health conscious or a little less affluent, strengthening the relationship between expense and fast food might encourage organizing meal preparations for the work week more carefully so that getting meals does not automatically mean facing a messy kitchen.

In conclusion, it would seem that while imposing a higher tax on fast food might increase the resources available to health systems, it might also lift some financial strain by increasing the number of people who choose health through healthier meal options.

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