Can I Get Free IELTS Essay Correction?


Yes! If you would like a free evaluation of your IELTS writing task, put it in the comments box below. I will check it and provide a score.  IELTS examiners look for coherence & organization, vocabulary & language efficiency, cohesion & grammar, and punctuation & completeness.

What is coherence & organization?

Coherence is the way that your writing forms a clean, neatly wrapped package. It has a strong introduction, paragraphs with developed topic statements, and a conclusion.

Organization is the way you lead your reader through your ideas developing your statements with details and examples.

What is cohesion & grammar?

Cohesion is the way you use cohesive devices to glue your ideas together and show how they are related.

Grammar is the tense, agreement, word order, conditionals, and article accuracy that makes your writing easy to read.

What is vocabulary & language efficiency?

Vocabulary is the range of words, synonyms, phrases and collocations that you use to express yourself.

Language efficiency is the way you combine words to express yourself concisely.

What is punctuation & completeness?

Punctuation is the length of the pause you want your readers to take in order to maximize their understanding of your writing.

Completeness is the attention you give to each part of the question.


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12 thoughts on “Free IELTS Essay Correction”

  1. Que: Some people say now there is less communication between family members than in the past. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Family members are interconnected as an entity by Communication whereas, many people support the view that nowadays there is minimal Communication among them compared to old days. I completely agree with this opinion because most of their time is exploited by electronic devices and work-related matters.
    Firstly, increase the leverage of electronic devices, especially mobile phones reduce interaction among family member. This is because the technology advancements entice to go through various I entertainment available in such a kind. For instance, when each of the family members own a device, they spend most of their time discovering the main features of these appliances rather than being connected with the surrounding and it provides more choices to generate different aspects of the charismatic programme. These utterances kill time and occupy the mind constantly. Consequently, it deterred the person to think about surrounding and present situation, in addition to that, it erodes interest and concentration with other activities.
    Secondly, nowadays people do not get ample time to speak with family members due to their work conditions. Owing to the economic crisis and escalated prices both parents are working to cater to the basic needs of the family. When a mother works for twelve hours a day, for instance, she spends the remaining time on household chores and rest therefore other family members are also anticipated to do their own work. Inevitably this creates a dreary environment at home and youngsters incite to dwell on other detrimental actions. However, all those activities have a direct impact on family conversing with each other as in the past.

    In conclusion, nowadays families are not communicating themselves as merely as ancient days. I strongly agree due to the reason that they are forced to spend more time on gadgets and jobs indiscriminately.

    1. Gorgeous introduction and conclusion! You’d get full marks for organization, but your tense and punctuation inaccuracies would bring you down to 6.5

  2. On valuing a person’s personality , we ought to provide him a fortificated status by looking not only upon the prosperity and the fame but also upon his charity and morality. Indeed , the loot we possess can be lost by robbery or anything else , so ; it is not crucial . Nothing cannot be purchased free so people suppose that it is very imperative . The other , the social position , should be one of the factors how well he can interact flexible with his environment . It , nevertheless , cannot be the ruler of a person ‘s aptitude because companions can be numerous if he has paramount money. In a very strange way , the admiration, beautiful heart and trust never come too easily and it takes even a decade .Some sort of people actually imagine that if they possess a crave to marry a plutocrat , they will be the standard persons amidst the others’ views .
    They can purchase everything they wish and everyone will give O a respect and belabour the words , ‘ After you ‘ . Of course , wealth and the luxuries will glow our fame colors and expedite our good news to the whole world .
    Unless we think deeply and wisely , our fame is fresh only when we are prosperous or we are still alive . Furthermore , the social status is not weighty ; the fellows will leave us if we have some quarrelling issues among us . Not a soul will cheer you if we are in the trough of business . The above twos will gift us the opportunities and suave life at most twenty years . Nonetheless , diametrically , they establish our superior news in the world more than the old-fashioned ones : labour and so forth. No time is necessitated to construct them . I would be repeated that the trust and our pity mind ‘ s manufactures need plethora years . We have a must to only say the right speeches and we should lend a pair of helpful and cherished hands . Kindness , a commodity which will polishes our personality , is built by aiding the weaks as the God admonished . The admiration from others is more difficult than the prior ones.Every perspective must incorporate into the pioneer one. In spite of the hardnees , the time which we will be still superior is untrammeled.We have to browse the biographies of Mother Trisa , Henry Dunas , Abraham Lincon , Michelle Obama , Daw Aung San Su Kyi and so on .
    To put in a nutshell , the wealth and the numbers of companions take ridiculously short time . As the things we receive very accessible fly away easily , we should ostracize them and try hard to own the respect , the cherished mind and the belife upon us . After they had been possessed , our prestige liberates freshly till to our down ancestries .

  3. It is irrefutable to say that citizens who live in the urban society have to face lot of consequences in their day to day life. perhaps, their are problems which emerge due to poor performance in academics, healthy issues roses due to the hectic as well as sedentary lifestyle and not able to take up pressure from the society. Furthermore, government need to take this as challenge and provide these people with good consultancy and not to encourage them to move to rural places. This essay will elaborate the problems in details before providing with the solutions.

    Firstly, individuals who are living in the metro cities have to face tons of problems that they encounters in their day to day life. especially, middle class families who are willing to sacrifice their health unorder to make better future for their infants. since, they do not wish the same life that they experienced in their infancy. so, working hard in the hazardous environment and following every instructions even they reluctant to do. not only those people even leper class people have to go through a lot struggle from getting to paid to surveying the entire day. For instance, lot of studies as well as journals have been published on the relevant topic as to give awareness about the present situation. furthermore, a surge in the death case have been reported in 2017 particular in leper class since, society not willing to provide enough jobs opportunities.

    on the other hand, people who are unable to resists the pressure they are moving to the rural areas due to this many companies are losing industrious citizens and the growth rate of industries demising day by day. however, bureaucrats noticed this sudden fall and implemented a policy as every person need to work on their flexible times which inturn benefitting to many people. suppose take north Korea as an example a decade ago the turn over of the country is low, but now due to change policies the country which are benefitted as well as encourage people to work harder and now country had reached to the top tier.

    To sum up, government should show special concern to the people by providing certain policies. nonetheless, people suffered a lot of problems every day by due interference of government problems may be minimized.

    1. question: People living in large cities have to face many problems in everyday life. What are those problems?
      Should the government encourage people to move to regional towns?

    2. Hi Praneeth – great content but watch your capitalization, punctuation, and organization. Your essay would score 6

  4. Quest: Some organisations believe that their employees should dress smartly. Others value quality of work above appearance.
    Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.
    Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.
    You should write at least 250 words.

    Many people believe that the way someone presents himself in terms of his appearance is more important than the work he does. This essay will examine which opinion outweighs the other and provide a logical conclusion.

    On the one hand, a person’s outfit reveals a lot about the body language and how serious he is about that particular thing. For instance, when there are board meetings taking place in a big company, the members generally suit up to emphasize the gravity of the meeting. Also, there are lot of job roles, for example, sales executive, which requires suitable clothing to connect with the client and it directly influences the chances of the deal getting through.

    On the other hand, for many organizations the standard of work delivered by an individual is far more crucial. Given the current circumstances of the pandemic, a lot of work has shifted to virtual modes which don’t require connecting with people face to face. Hence, a major chunk of the focus has moved from the dressing aspect to quality of work. A good example of this is the IT companies, where the performance is solely decided on the criteria of the grade of work done throughout the year. Moreover, giving employees the flexibility to dress accordingly gives them more freedom leading to higher productivity.

    To conclude, both the opinions have pros and cons depending on the industry. Even though, presenting oneself properly has advantages in terms of the intent shown towards an event, I strongly believe that quality of work supersedes it because of the freedom it provides and the situation we are currently in.

  5. Question: Some people think that governments should hold responsibility for not creating equal job opportunities for men and women, while others think that society is at fault. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.


    There is no doubt that job opportunities for men and women are not equal. While some people think that government should bear the responsibility on this, others argue that society is at fault. I firmly agree with the latter argument, and in this essay I will discuss both sides of the argument.

    First and foremost, the side that advocate governments should shoulder responsibility for not creating equal job opportunities for men and women think that government as the promoter should educate the public to create equal job opportunities. For instance, the governemnt can launch campaigns and advertisment to educate the public that men and women are equal. Women can also work on a variety of jobs. If the governemnt do not educate the public, the phenomenon of job inequality between men and women continues to exist.

    However, in my point of view, I think that society should bear the responsibility because some people in society think that men should be the breadwinner while women should do housework at home. To illustrate, my dad work outside but my mum is a housewife. My dad always says that my mum should stays at home. It is the responsibility for society to change their views on women and to embrace women in working environment. If society do not change their norms towards women, equal job opportunities for men and women is insurmountable.

    Having looked at both sides, I wholeheartedly believe that society should hold responsibility for not creating equal job opportunities for men and women.

    1. Super essay. Your response would score 6.5. Watch your simple present ‘s’ and strengthen your introduction & conclusion by identifying your main ideas.

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