Can I Get Free IELTS Essay Correction?


Yes! If you would like a free evaluation of your IELTS writing task, put it in the comments box below. I will check it and provide a score.  IELTS examiners look for coherence & organization, vocabulary & language efficiency, cohesion & grammar, and punctuation & completeness.

What is coherence & organization?

Coherence is the way that your writing forms a clean, neatly wrapped package. It has a strong introduction, paragraphs with developed topic statements, and a conclusion.

Organization is the way you lead your reader through your ideas developing your statements with details and examples.

What is cohesion & grammar?

Cohesion is the way you use cohesive devices to glue your ideas together and show how they are related.

Grammar is the tense, agreement, word order, conditionals, and article accuracy that makes your writing easy to read.

What is vocabulary & language efficiency?

Vocabulary is the range of words, synonyms, phrases and collocations that you use to express yourself.

Language efficiency is the way you combine words to express yourself concisely.

What is punctuation & completeness?

Punctuation is the length of the pause you want your readers to take in order to maximize their understanding of your writing.

Completeness is the attention you give to each part of the question.


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2 thoughts on “Free IELTS Essay Correction”

  1. Que: Some people say now there is less communication between family members than in the past. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Family members are interconnected as an entity by Communication whereas, many people support the view that nowadays there is minimal Communication among them compared to old days. I completely agree with this opinion because most of their time is exploited by electronic devices and work-related matters.
    Firstly, increase the leverage of electronic devices, especially mobile phones reduce interaction among family member. This is because the technology advancements entice to go through various I entertainment available in such a kind. For instance, when each of the family members own a device, they spend most of their time discovering the main features of these appliances rather than being connected with the surrounding and it provides more choices to generate different aspects of the charismatic programme. These utterances kill time and occupy the mind constantly. Consequently, it deterred the person to think about surrounding and present situation, in addition to that, it erodes interest and concentration with other activities.
    Secondly, nowadays people do not get ample time to speak with family members due to their work conditions. Owing to the economic crisis and escalated prices both parents are working to cater to the basic needs of the family. When a mother works for twelve hours a day, for instance, she spends the remaining time on household chores and rest therefore other family members are also anticipated to do their own work. Inevitably this creates a dreary environment at home and youngsters incite to dwell on other detrimental actions. However, all those activities have a direct impact on family conversing with each other as in the past.

    In conclusion, nowadays families are not communicating themselves as merely as ancient days. I strongly agree due to the reason that they are forced to spend more time on gadgets and jobs indiscriminately.

    1. Gorgeous introduction and conclusion! You’d get full marks for organization, but your tense and punctuation inaccuracies would bring you down to 6.5

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