Corporate Programs in English as a Second Language

With our online Corporate Programs in English as a Second Language, your employees can improve their English from anywhere in the world.

Why Do My Employees Need English?

Most English-speaking workplaces function at level 8-9 English which means that several of your non-native employees are either missing important information, failing to make themselves understood, or wasting valuable energy communicating that could be being put to much better use.

Standard General English

Corporate Programs in English as a Second Language are available at levels 1-12 both on-site and online. These standard courses teach your employees the basic tenses, grammar, vocabulary and sentence structures of general English.

Typically, students’ understanding of your workplace’s language improves rapidly as they understand these language structures. With less energy spent communicating, more energy gets focused on getting the job done.

Scheduling Classes

Classes can be scheduled between Monday – Friday from 10am to 8pm EST.

Classes can be scheduled to take place once or twice a week.

All classes are two hours long.

How many students are in a Class

Class size is limited to 5 students

What Corporate Programs in English as a Second Language are Available?

English Professionalization

Our English professionalization program works with individual employees one-on-one to rapidly improve their language skills.

Our students are typically professionals who have a great deal of expertise to offer, but lack the language skills necessary to effectively communicate with their peers and clients.

You may be able to get funding for our Corporate Language Programs from the
Canada – Ontario Job Grant


Students are expected to spend an hour reviewing their class notes and an hour completing their homework after each class.

Please call/text Angela at 613-614-6460 for more information.

Specialized Corporate Programs in English as a Second Language

In our specialized English programs, your employees learn their tenses and sentences structures using industry-specific language.

We currently have programs for the:
oil and gas industry
hospitality industry
aviation industry
agricultural industry
construction industry.

How long are the programs

Each program is 40 hours.
Each class is two hours.
For programs with two classes every week, the duration is 10 weeks.
For programs with one class every week, the duration is 20 weeks.

Paying for Classes

All programs must be paid for in full prior to the start date.