CELPIP Writing Task 2 Sample

This CELPIP Writing Task 2 Sample demonstrates some Tips to help you improve your score

Blend short, compound and complex sentences.

Use parallels appropriately.
Lists and series should always follow a parallel form

Punctuate accurately.

Check agreements.
The third person in the simple present tense, and most plural nouns need an ‘s’

Use adverbs and adjectives properly.
Adjectives describe a state.
Adverbs describe how something is done.
– decide = verb
I have decided to take the test.
– decisive = adjective
Stop changing your mind and be decisive.
– decision = noun
Jenny hasn’t made her decision yet.
– decisively = adverb
Sam considered the options and then acted decisively.

Present a coherent response.
Like this CELPIP Writing Task 2 survey response, you need to make sure that your essay follows the standard essay structure.

Present a cohesive response.
Glue your words and sentences together
so that they flow.

Follow the standard format.
Take a look at these step-by-step instructions
for how to write a survey response

“…very flexible and helpful…”

CELPIP Writing Task 2 Sample

The CELPIP Writing Task 2 Sample on this page will give you some ideas
about the important things to include when you write your test.

Your examiner will be looking at your vocabulary, phrasing, sentence variety,
grammar, punctuation, and tenses.

Take a look at the CELPIP Writing Task 2 sample to get some ideas for how you might use higher-scoring in your survey response

This video provides you with more tips for How to prepare a CELPIP Writing Survey Response.

CELPIP Task 2 Survey Response Sample

RE: Paternity Leave Survey

Dear Mr. Johns,

I am writing this letter to you regarding our company’s paternity leave policy survey. Support for this policy,  from both my co-workers and me, would be very strong since the transition to parenthood can be very stressful, and most of us feel that having a little more time would relieve much of the anguish.

The first two months for new parents are usually the hardest. Hospital visits and checkup appointments consume a great deal of time and emotional energy and often conflict with office hours. That conflict dramatically increases the anxiety level of working fathers and negatively impacts their performance both at home and at work.

The potential for the new policy to be disruptive in the short term is high, particularly for managers and team leaders; however, much of that disruption could be assuaged by allowing new fathers to work from home and delegating some of their duties during their leave.

In the long term, I believe the new policy would add some flexibility to the rules of employment that would result in increased employee loyalty.


Steve Manners

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20 thoughts on “CELPIP Writing Task 2 Sample”

  1. Can you please rate my writing:
    Task 1:
    Dear Manager,
    I am writing to express my disappointment during my recently experience at ABC Restaurant on 4th May 2023. We was told to wait for 1 hour without any explanations even though we made a reservation at 7 and arrived on time. Finally, we had our table and ordered the food. The food came an hour hour later, and it was cold and dry. We had 3 servers who changed shifts during our dinner. None of them really served us as we were told to wait the whole time. One of the servers took back our food and did not serve us a new plate. Furthermore, they also got our drinks order wrong and did nothing to rectify. Finally, after 3 hours at the table without food and drinks, we had to leave empty stomach.

    I have been to your restaurant before, and it was a great experience that was why I came back. But yesterday was truly disappointing. I hope you can look into improving the service, and provide enough trainings to the servers to better serve customer.

    Thank you for reading my email.

    Unhappy customer,

    Task 2
    A recreational park would be a better option because it provides a space for people of all ages to gather. A sports complex could provide children and adults bonding activities, at the same time encouraging active lifestyle. Studies have shown that large green space will increase happiness of the people living around it and provide many advantages for people who use the space. A small petting zoo has the potential for a fun outing for all ages, and educational opportunities for children. As we live in an increasing urban environment, most people will appreciate the experience they could have with animals. Studies also have shown that animals will decrease our stress level.

    While a shopping complex could be great boast to the economy, provide many employment, and attract people moving into the city, it could also create competitions for many of the locally-owned cafes and retails we currently have in out city. The city also have a large shopping complex, even though it is further away, it has served the city well for many years. Overall, a recreational park would serve the city residents better than a new shopping complex.

  2. Hi, Angela. Could you check please my tasks 1 and 2 and tell which score I could get?

    Task 1.
    Dear Mr. Smith,
    The purpose of my writing today is to inform you about an inconvenience that happened to me when I paid deposit.
    I stayed in Gull and Castle for 2 weeks since June 15. My room was bright and comfortable due to the large panoramic windows, the painting on the wall and the cozy furniture. I adored the breakfasts, which I had, especially bananas pancakes with strawberry sauce. My sincere thanks for amazing and memorable vacation.
    Unfortunately, when I came back home and checked my bank account, I found that deposit, which I paid for guesthouse, was charged twice. In my opinion, it happened because the Internet connection, when I made the payment, was poor, and I accidentally paid twice.
    I would appreciate if you could check your bank account to find my payment in order to check the authenticity of my letter. I hope you could help me to solve the problem and refund half deposit, which I paid, back.
    Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

    Yours sincerely,

    Task 2
    Somebody thinks that local newspapers are not popular in present time, but I believe, that newspapers are still important and popular, especially in our town.
    As for me, newspapers should have more Local and International news for several reasons. Firstly, having more local news can help people better understand each other. We can learn more information about our area and discover new places or activities. For example, once, when I read a newspaper I found information about a new bookshop with used books. The shop owners are elderly people who do not use gadgets, that is why I could not find the same information online.
    Regarding international news, it is essential to know what is happening in the world, because it can affect our country as well. For instance, fires in neighboring countries can threaten the air quality in our country or may be the cause of increased prices for imported goods.
    Finally, thinking about all the people in our city, we should not forget about the seniors who still use newspapers to find information. That is why having more news in newspaper is better option for everybody.

  3. Hi Angela, could you please evaluate Task 1 writing?

    Dear CIBC manager

    I am a client of your bank since 2005 and I am writing this email to discuss about a loan I made in June last year. The exactly amount approved was 16.000,00 dollars and the payment schedule defined was monthly payments of 1000,00 dollars in 16 months, that 12 months have already paid.
    I currently have a business renting campervans in Vancouver, and I needed certain amount to repair some vehicles. In addiction, I had not had many customer at that time, for that reason part of the money have used for advertising.
    Since I opened this company I have been successfully reaching our goals, specially financially. However, last month an accident happened with two of our cars, which cause an expected expenses increase. Although my business is covered by an insurance, we had to pay in advance 100% of the bill and due to it, I am not able to pay the loan this month, but certainly I am able to pay it next month since I have claimed the amount for the insurance company and it was already approved.
    Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to your response.

  4. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I’m writing this email to express my concern about the food we ordered last time at your restaurant on Feb 23rd 2023.

    We ordered two large pizzas, a cheesy garlic bread and a coke. Below are the highlighted problems we faced with the order:

    1. Once ordered, the food is served to us too late, which is after 45mins.
    2. Also, the pizza is too cold.
    3. Sadly, the garlic bread we ordered was a cheesy one, but we got the garlic bread without cheese.

    Since we have been to your restaurant many times, but haven’t had such a bad experience. So I would like to take this opportunity to highlight the issues with you to take necessary action on the concerns to avoid happening in the future.

    As we all know, you’re such a famous and reputed restaurant in town. We don’t want you to lose the quality of the food which you made earlier.

    Thanks for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Arav S

  5. To whom it may concern,

    I am wriing this email to notify you about my recent dining experience at your restaurant, which i felt was not upto the restaurant standards. First of all, I had to wait almost half an hour to be seated even though i had a reservation. The salad which i ordered was stale and the visual presentation was appetiting.

    Moreover, Overall service was not good at all, i felt like the staff is not trained properly on how to serve the guest and the lady waiter who was serving our table was rude and unprofessional. When i wanted to speak with a supervisor she suddenly gave me a sassy look and told me she is not available.

    I believe the staff needs some more training and guidance on how importance a customer satisfaction is for a restaurant. Additionaly, I request if you can provide a some sort of compensation in my next visit.

    I hope you will take care of this issue and future experience will be great.

    Yours Faithfully,
    Rajat Patel

  6. Hello Angela, please evaluate below task 1 for celpip.

    Dear Manager,
    I am writing this email to complain about the low quality of service you provided on my last purchase from your website. I am Gizem and I am one of your loyal customers.
    I have purchased “Fundamental of Geological Engineering” , version 13th book. I ordered this book and specifically this edition because I have a final exam at my university before my graduation. This exam is very important to me and I will attend at end of the April.
    Firstly, when I placed the order of the book, delivery time is displayed 2 weeks after my purchasing. It was a wonderful new for me but unfortunately, I have waited for this book for one and a half months.
    When I received the book, I realized that it was the 11th edition which is not useful for my exam. I tried to reach customer service to express my feelings about this unexpected situation, but I couldn’t get an appropriate answer from the agent.
    I request you to send “Fundamental of Geological Engineering” , book 13th edition to me. I hope that you will consider the urgency of the situation.
    Appreciate your urgent help in the matter.

  7. Hello Angela please score celpip task 1

    Dear Sara,

    Belated happy birthday to you!

    Hopefully, you are in great spirits! Please accept my apologies for not being part of your birthday celebration, but I’m making up for it via this email; at least I hope so!

    On that day, when I was about to leave for your birthday event, I got a call from my neighbor saying that her son got injured while playing in the garden and she want me to take them to the hospital. I couldn’t deny it and did what was required in that situation. In such an emergency, I could not even ring you to tell you that I’m not coming.

    I’m hoping you will understand the matter and forgive me, However, In order to compensate for this, I have arranged a dance party at my place this Saturday at 8:00 pm. I have invited all our college friends to the party. Can’t wait to see you soon!

    Please accept my apologies once more!

    Best Regards,

  8. Hi, please could you help evaluate below task 1 and 2 Celpip.

    Task 1
    Dear Manager,

    I am writing this letter in regarding with the order that I did yesterday in you restaurant. I am a old customer in your restaurant.

    As I say, I ordered yesterday a pizza with specific ingredients. I am allergic to pepper and when I did the order a choose some ingredients to build my own pizza, but unfortunately things not happen the way I ask. My pizza came with pepper, and I would not be able to eat. I was starver and I had a bad surprise with that. I tried but if I had eaten bad things could been happen me because of my allergy. I tried to speak with your waitress, but the services were very bad.

    I believe your restaurant should be take more attention the way that waitress attend customer. However, I considered that your restaurant must have to do something for me, as I mention I am your customer for long time ago. I suggest you give me a coupon or a gift card with no limit date to spend in your restaurant, for example.

    I hope looking from you an answer about my situation.

    Vanda Domingos

    Task 2

    Cities with shopping complex are very attractive for communities and visitors as well.

    I considered that is important small towns have shopping mall because is more affordable for their community spend time there and turn things easier, for example, people do not need drive or take public transport to go to a mall. Unfortunately, in my city we need to drive or take the bus to go a mall or movie theatre. Is a small town and we do not have this attractive things near to us.

    On the other hand, restaurants and large supermarket give us more options when we are looking for different things or something specific and most of the time are concentrate in shopping mall as well. For example, for big brands is better have stores in these places because the impact will be large in different segments.

    In short, I believe when a town is coming out with large areas, is important take attention to create attractive places such as malls for communities.

  9. Hello Angela could you please review and comment on my CELPIP task 1 and task 2 and overall how much would be my score than you.

    Dear Manager,
    I am writing this email in regarding to the product which I have purchased at your department store few days back. I purchased a set of china tea cups but when I reached home and unpacked it unfortunately few tea cups were broken.

    I immediately took the receipt and rushed to the store, inorder to exchange the damaged goods with a new one but to my notice I was so shocked with the reckless behavior of your department staff and the way they responded to my situation, they totally refused to take back the tea cups and replace me with a new one even though I had the receipt for the purchased product. I am sorry to say this but, your staff lacks proper customer service and zero knowledge of how to handle such critical situations.

    Inorder to resolve this issue I would like you to compensate me with a new set of tea cups or a refund of whole amount immediately when I visit the store.

    Looking forward for a positive resolution to this problem. Thank you.


    TASK 2:
    According to my opinion I would prefer that the available area can be used for library purpose rather than a conference hall. Libraries can be useful to gain much more information as well as spending quality personnel time for brainstorming new ideas for all age groups and for retired officers too.
    Having a library in the officers club can be beneficial for the club members as well as other individuals too. It can help teenagers access to books for their educational purposes and also be a great help for developing writers to spend their time focusing on writing in a silent and calm environment which is available at library. However they can even refer to books which can help the writers to come out with great ideas and publish books which can be sold at our library.
    Apart from this, club members can conduct book fairs through which they can attract book lovers to attend and raise profits for the wellness of the club.
    In conclusion I would say that in this modern world full of technology many lost their insight about libraries benefits inorder to manifest it back this area in the club should be utilized for a library.

  10. Niranjan Kumar

    Please evaluate below task 2 for celpip.

    I like to opine in favor of option A, printing more local and worldwide news would much prominent to readers rather than offering huge discounts, I will share my viewpoint in this survey.

    Firstly, nowadays news is an essential part of our life which gives us better knowledge of what sort of things are happening around us. In our city your newspaper has marvelous testimonials, people have been believed only your paper has accurate news from top to bottom around us and internationally. I strongly recommend you to introduce a weekend special edition more news about debates which occurring on climate change this will help people to educate how the scientist is keeping their efforts on their commitments.

    On the other hand, having more discounts for subscribing to newspapers doesn’t make any sense without having proper content or matter on news. Offers can increase your revenue but not faith in your newspaper.

    To sum up, I have stated above my viewpoint to print a lot of news instead of focusing on discounts. By reading the news people can gain better general knowledge and how to move in this era. I appreciate the chance to provide to me to voice my opinion.

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