As your CELPIP Tutor, I can help you prepare for the writing and/or speaking sections of the CELPIP Test.

If you’re just days away from your test, you may find that you just need a two-hour class with your CELPIP Tutor to remind yourself about the little things that make such a huge difference to your final score. Your class will focus on the fixing the little things that could prevent you from achieving your desired score. While those errors tend to be unique to each student, common problem areas that quickly reduce your score include:

  • missing verbs – especially with tenses that combine an auxiliary verb with a participle
  • missing agreements – particularly the ‘d’ in the past tense
  • missing plurals – that’s the ‘s’ that you have to add to plural nouns
  • missing articles – they’re important!
  • inadequate sentence variety – examiners love BIG FAT juicy nouns
  • incorrect punctuation – it’s essential!
  • too many conjunctive adverbs – yes, you can have too many!
  • too few complex sentences – most writing and speaking needs more of them
  • too few referents – examiners hate repetition
  • confused adjectives when describing feelings and situations – you simply have to get those right
  • confusion over when to use a gerund or an infinitive – it matters!

If you have several problem areas, you should expect to need more than one class. There’s a limit to how much your brain can take in!

Picking a Time

I’m based in Ottawa, Ontario, so when you start thinking about booking a time with me as your CELPIP Tutor, do keep in mind that the difference in our time zones can make certain parts of your day impossible for me. I’m happy to schedule your classes between 10am and 9pm Eastern Standard Time.

Pricing & Packages for CELPIP Tutor

Single Class

1-hour class

CAD $60

Try a lesson before committing to a full package

Choose what you’d like to work on.

Crash Course

2-hour class

CAD $100

Identify your glaring errors

Focus on Speaking, writing or a combination of both

Writing and/or Speaking Booster

6-hour package

CAD $280

Identify & fix the problem areas preventing your success

Get feedback essays and/or recorded responses

Test Preparation for Writing & Speaking

10-hour package

CAD $520

Improve your score in WRITING and/or SPEAKING

Get feedback essays and/or recorded responses

Please call or text 613-614-6460 for more information 

Advantages of working with
a CELPIP Tutor Online

  • Practice your English from home
  • Access classes from anywhere in the world. Many of our students live in Dubai, France, Germany, and Brazil
  • Learn and improve at your own speed
  • Record your classes for later review
  • Receive lots of individual help
  • Maximize conversation opportunities
  • Target only the things you need, and want, to work on
  • Waste very little of your time
  • Schedule your classes to fit your busy life – Monday – Friday 10am and 9pm Eastern Standard Time

Disadvantages of working with
a CELPIP Tutor Online

The only real disadvantage to working with a CELPIP Tutor Online is the available class times.

You can only schedule your classes between 10am and 9pm Eastern Standard Time. So, students in Moscow, Dubai, Israel, and India, etc. should expect to take their classes during their early evening when it’s between 10am and 12pm in Ottawa.

You can’t use your phone for your classes. The small size of phone screens makes it very difficult for you to participate in your class fully. In order to see my shared screen, you will need the full-sized monitor of a laptop, iPad, or computer monitor.

CELPIP Tutor for Speaking

As your CELPIP tutor for speaking, I’ll coach you through the 8 speaking tasks in the CELPIP speaking test. We’ll practice your responses and add specific structures to ensure you know how to offer advice in task 1 and be diplomatic in tasks 5 and 6. You’ll show me how skillfully you can manipulate your tenses to provide depth to the pictures in tasks 3, 4, and 8. We’ll have some fun discussing some of the high-scoring approaches to tasks 6 and 7, and by the time you head off to your test, you’ll feel so confident about your performance that you’ll ace your test.

My goal as your CELPIP tutor is to familiarize you with the requirements for the score you need to achieve.

Below, you’ll find some links to sample responses for the 8 questions types

“…Thank you so much. I don’t think I could have done it without you…”

CELPIP Training for writing

As your CELPIP Tutor for writing, I’ll help you put your best foot forward when composing your responses to writing tasks 1 and 2. I’ll make sure that you’re using the structures, punctuation, format, and sentence variety that you need for your intended score.

The Email – CELPIP Writing Task 1

For the letter in writing task 1, you need to write either an apology, a request, an application, or a complaint.

You have about 30 minutes to complete your email in about 150-200 words.

The Essay – CELPIP Writing Task 2

For the survey response in task 2, you need to write an opinion essay.

You have about 30 minutes to write approximately 150-200 words; therefore, planning is very important even if you aren’t usually someone who plans an essay. 😊