CELPIP Writing Test Sample 2

Mock CELPIP Writing Test

Email or Letter

Most of the time, CELPIP refers to task 1 as an email, but occasionally, it calls it a letter.

Regardless of whether CELPIP refers to Task 1 as a letter or as an email, the format and requirements are the same.

One-on-one Mock CELPIP Writing Test

If you would like to spend an hour with me doing a mock CELPIP Writing test for one task, I’d love to hear from you.

Typically, during a mock writing test, we write your response together. As we write, we discuss the important things that are critical to your score.

Many students record their mock test session so that they can review them after our session is finished.

During this hour, you also have time to ask any questions and pick my brain about any concerns you may have about the test.

Just text me at 613-614-6460 and we’ll set up a convenient time that works with your schedule.

The cost of a Mock test is $40.

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If you would like detailed feedback on your written responses without scheduled class, please submit them to my writing correction service.

CELPIP Mock Writing Test 2

The CELPIP Writing Test Sample 2 is intended to give you some free practice as you prepare for the CELPIP Writing test.

You’ll find the first CELPIP Writing Test Sample Video here

You’ll find the second CELPIP Writing Test Sample Video here.

I know how hard it can be to know what your examiner is looking for when you prepare your responses for writing tasks 1 and 2.

I’ve done my best to prepare a couple of Mock tests along with pages for each of the writing tasks so that you can get an idea of what your CELPIP examiner is expecting to see in each response.

There are a couple of pages for CELPIP Writing Task 1 providing you with step-by-step instructions for writing an email.

The CELPIP Email Request page shows you how to format an email when you need to ask someone for something. It’s usually some type of information, but it may also be a request for help. Typically, this email requires you to write in a formal style. Remember not to use contractions in a formal email!

The CELPIP Email Complaint page shows you how to write an email complaining about something. Typically, in this email you’re expressing your dissatisfaction with a service or a product. Most of the time, a complaint email is formal, so make sure you sign off with ‘Regards’ and your full name.

The CELPIP Email for sharing information also has a page. In this type of email, you’re sharing news about something that has happened to you with someone you know. This email is normally informal, so here you can use lots of contractions and sign off with your first name.

CELPIP Writing Task 2

I’ve also created a couple of pages with step-by-step instructions for CELPIP Writing Task 2. In this task, where you’re writing a survey response in response to a prompt, it’s important to follow a basic ‘Opinion Essay’ structure.

Examiners want to see that you can develop a complete introduction where you outline your main ideas, paraphrase the prompt, and state your opinion. In other words, your examiner wants an idea of what your going to be saying in your two paragraphs.

Your examiner also wants to see that you develop you main ideas fully and stick to the point. She doesn’t want to see lots of unrelated information, so make sure that everything you say supports your main idea. Often, in this situation, your best approach is to say more about less!

Obviously, in both tasks 1 and 2, your examiner wants to see good grammar and punctuation, abundant sentence variety and tenses, and lots of appropriate expressions and efficient language.

CELPIP Writing Test Sample 2

For step-by-step instructions for the CELPIP Writing Tasks, please check these pages:

If you’d like me to score your writing, please paste it into the comments section below. Please use the writing submission above if you want feedback.

6 thoughts on “CELPIP Writing Test Sample 2”

  1. Final Project

    Your English instructor has assigned a final project. It will involve doing online research and presenting a 15-minute speech to the class. This project can be done either individually or in groups of three. Your instructor has asked you to complete an opinion survey.

    Choose the option that you prefer. Why do you prefer your choice? Explain the reasons for your choice. Write about 150-200 words.

    Option A: I want to work by myself on the final project.

    Option B: I want to do the project in a group of three.

    Group project plays a significant role in every student life. I prefer to do this project in a group of three rather than doing it by myself. Because if a project is done in a group, it will improve knowledge and other skills. In addition, with teamwork any one can tackle problems easily. There are plethora of reasons why group project is more beneficial.

    Firstly, group project will not only decrees work pressure but also helps to complete it in a given time. Moreover, each person in a group can share their work equally. For instance, one can do online research to gather information, while the other person can prepare for fifteen-minute speech.

    secondly, teamwork enhances communication skills as well as Professional skills which will help them in future. Despite of other issues, it will build strong connection among them.

    Lastly, if a final project is assigned to an individual, it cannot be delivered within stipulated time. Indeed, it leads to less collaboration and lack of creative ideas.

    Considering the above reasons, group project is much better when compared to individual project.

  2. A builder wants to buy a popular park in your city. He wants to build two apartment buildings for seniors on the land. You use the park a lot, and your children like the playground and basketball court. The city is asking residents to respond to an opinion survey.

    Choose the option that you prefer. Why do you prefer your choice? Explain the reasons for your choice. Write about 150-200 words.

    Option A: I think the builder should buy the park

    Option B: I think the park should stay as it is.

    I strongly believe that park should stay as it is in that place. Because Park is a place where everyone spend time peacefully with their children, spouse, or friends. In addition, it is a place which is surrounded with pleasant environment.

    Firstly, this park is most popular in the entire city. Every weekend, I visit this place with my children because they love basketball court as well as playground where they play cricket, which is their favorite sport. Moreover, children enjoy other outdoor activities instead of using gadgets. Therefore, it is a great chance to communicate with other kids.

    Secondly, people use this park for exercising mostly in the early morning. It will help them to keep fit and active throughout the day which is most important in these sedentary lives. On one hand, parks will increase greenery in surroundings. On the other hand, it will reduce polluted air and produce fresh air to breathe.

    Finally, if builder builds apartment for seniors in this land, then there will be lack of space for park which not only effects our life but also environment.

    Considering the above reasons, Park should not be abolished for building apartment.

  3. You are taking an English writing class at a local college, and your instructor is surveying your opinion about the final exam. Currently, half of the course grade is based on a three-hour final exam written in class. However, your instructor is considering allowing students to submit a five-page report instead, which they would write at home.

    Choose the option that you prefer. Why do you prefer your choice? Explain the reasons for your choice. Write about 150-200 words.

    Option A: I would prefer to write a three-hour final exam in class.

    Option B: I would prefer to write a five-page report at home.

    I strongly believe that three-hour final exam in the class would be the best option. Because it will make students to work hard to score good results for their bright future. Moreover, It will give them complete understanding about what they have learned in English language writing class.

    Firstly, if final exam is conducted in class, then students will not counterfeit from others. As professors will have eye on every student. Furthermore, it will not only improve memory power, but also helps them to overcome failures.

    Secondly, in the final exam students will use their own ideas to answer the questions given in the questions paper. It will improve time management as well as self-confidence which plays a significant role during exams.

    Lastly, where as in five-page report at home it does not have particular time period, and instead of using their creative ideas students will search information in websites, articles, newspapers or they might take help from others which makes them to be dependent.

    Considering the aforementioned reasons, Three-hour final exam in class would be much better when compared to Five-page report at home.

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