Business English Programs in English as a Second Language

Business English Programs: Unlock Hidden Potential

The goal of our online business English programs is to unlock your employees’ hidden potential and reduce any language barriers preventing them from contributing fully to your workplace.

Just imagine how much persistence and determination it has taken for your immigrant employees to get to where they are now. If you could channel that effort, how much would it contribute to your company’s bottom line? The goal of our Business English programs is to unleash that potential.

Why Do My Employees Need English?

Most English-speaking workplaces communicate at a level of English between 8 and 9, but most of your immigrant employees function at language levels around 5 and 6. Ultimately, that means they’re probably missing important information, failing to make themselves understood, or wasting valuable energy trying to get their co-workers to understand them.

For example, imagine the situation where an employee with pronunciation issues needs to update her colleague on the status of their project. In this situation, the effort it takes for the speaker and listener to understand and be understood is huge. That effort is much greater than it would be without those pronunciation issues. The situation becomes even more complicated if the immigrant employee doesn’t clearly distinguish between past, present, and future! Add sentences that don’t start with a noun, and you’ve got chaos! Obviously, all that wasted energy affects both productivity and workplace morale.

One Advantage of Good English

Another thing to consider is that employees who feel confident about their language skills are much more likely to make improvement suggestions that could benefit both your organization and your customers. Immigrant employees often have a wealth of experience from their own and, sometimes, other countries. That can give them a unique outside-the-box capability. Those fresh eyes might just give your organization the competitive advantage it has been looking for. All you need to do is give them the language confidence that encourages them to share!

Max’ Story

I remember one of my Israeli students who had managed to get a job as a pipe insulator in Alberta’s oil patch. With his previous education and experience as an aircraft designer, he could see that one of the regular tasks, insulating pipe elbows, would be faster with a little pre-fabrication. Once he had made some progress with his language skills, he drew up the design and showed his foreman. Before long, the new parts were ordered and delivered. That pre-fabricated part reduced the amount of time it took to insulate pipes at -50˚C temperatures, and the pipe-insulators no longer had to take off their gloves and risk getting frostbite.

What Business English Programs are Available?

Standard General English

We offer Corporate Programs in English at levels 1-12. All of our classes are online using Zoom or Teams. During our standard courses, we focus on basic tenses, grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structures using the everyday English of typical workplaces rather than industry-specific words and phrases.

Typically, your employees’ ability to understand workplace conversations improves quickly once they learn this vocabulary and how to use it. With less energy spent communicating, more energy gets focused on getting the job done, and productivity improves.

Employees can complete our Standard English program alone or in groups. However, for groups, we have to make sure that everyone is at the same level. We don’t want anyone to lose their motivation or hold the others back.

English Professionalization

Our English professionalization program works with individual employees, one-on-one, to rapidly improve their language skills and improve their credibility with clients and peers.

Typically, we work with students who are professionals in their own countries. They usually have a great deal of expertise to offer, but don’t have the language skills they need to communicate their knowledge and capabilities.

Specialized Business English

In our specialized English programs, employees learn their tenses and sentence structures using industry-specific language.

We currently have programs for the:

  • oil and gas industry
  • hospitality industry
  • aviation industry
  • agricultural industry
  • construction industry.

I’m always ready to develop new programs and industry-specific materials; therefore, please give me a call or email me to talk about your requirements.

Scheduling Classes

Students can schedule their one-on-one classes for the same time every week, or different time that work with their shifts. Unfortunately, that flexibility is not available for group classes. It’s just too difficult to manage.

Classes can be scheduled between Monday – Friday from 10am to 8pm EST.

Classes can be scheduled to take place once or twice a week.

All classes are two hours long.

The maximum class size is 5 students to ensure each student achieves rapid improvement.

Paying for Classes

All programs must be paid for in full prior to the start date.

You may be able to get funding for our Corporate Language Programs from the
Canada – Ontario Job Grant


We expect our students to spend an hour reviewing their class notes and an hour completing their homework after each class.

We record every class and post the recording on the private section of the Ottawa-English website. After class, every student receives a link to the recording along with class notes and homework.

Please call/text Angela at 613-614-6460 for more information.

How long are the programs?

Each program is 40 hours.
Each class is two hours.
For programs with two classes every week, the duration is 10 weeks.
For programs with one class every week, the duration is 20 weeks.

Program Costs

A full 40-hour program costs $2000